One Step to Crystal Clear Skin Lightens skin up to 3 shades! Backed by over 80,000 scientific studies

Product Features

Manufacturer Established in Japan in 1937
• KohjinCo Ltd, Japan has been in R&D of Glutathione for 74 years
• 1st company to manufacture Glutathione from FDA-approved Torula yeast
• One of world’s most premium brands of oral Glutathione
• Non-GMO
• Kosher/HalalCertified
• GMP, HACCP, ISO certified factory site

Health Benefits
• Combined with Astaxanthin & Vitamin C –synergistic effects
• Reduces facial pigmentation & uneven body skin tone
• Erases age spots on arms & back of hands
• Lessens pigmentation on underarms & inner thighs
• Detoxifies potentially harmful toxins
• Fights free radicals
• Strengthens body defenses
• Fights premature aging
• Protects the liver

Anti-aging: Free radicals can bring about premature aging. Glutathione seeks out these free radicals and destroys them before they can damage your health. It also replenishes and recycles the other antioxidants in your body, including vitamins C and E.

Immune-boosting: Your immune system depends on glutathione to function property. Glutathione enhances your T-cells – specialized immune cells which are the body’s first line of defense against foreign invaders. Without T-cells, you can’t fight off disease and illness.

Detoxification: Glutathione levels are highest in your liver, the body’s major detoxification organ. Glutathione helps the liver eliminate dangerous toxins, including prescription and OTC drugs, chemicals, pollutants, carcinogens, and contaminants created by radiation.

Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant found in the body, but often its supply declines due to lifestyle habits and aging. The effectiveness of other antioxidants depends on glutathione, which helps them work longer and better. That’s why glutathione is often called “the Master Antioxidant”.

Glutathione Recycles other Antioxidants & makes them work better!

Lightens skin and reduces pigmentation with 4 distinct actions:

1. Blocks the formation of melanin that darkens your skin
2. Lightens any melanin that your body makes
3. Stops the chemical reaction triggered by the sun’s UV rays that causes skin tan
4. Detoxifies the liver to prevent and remove “liver spots”

Delicious Nn GlutaMix chews with Kohjin™ Glutathione, along with other powerful antioxidants like Astaxanthin (from Haematococcus algae), Acerola (berries rich in vitamin C) and various types of berries provides an easy solution!

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