Koso Ball

Many celebrities such as Hollywood actors, singers and supermodels practice macrobiotics, a grain based diet with a high variety of vegetables. These folks agree on one thing – macrobiotics keeps them energetic, slim, and vibrantly healthy.

Now, you can join these celebrities in looking good and feeling good without wasting your time, energy and money to adopt macrobiotics practices.

Make Macrobiotics a Treat, Not a Chore!
How much of a hassle would it be to locate 50 high-quality, raw, fresh superfoods on your own? Face it, it’s hard to get the average person to eat even one vegetables, let alone 50. We’ve taken the work out of it for you!

Prepare from over 50 types of fruits, vegetables and grains from farms around the pristine Guarani Aquifer, Brazil, the Koso Ball makes macrobiotics fun, easy and affordable. This delightfully chewy treat is bursting with flavors like orange, pineapple and vanilla!

Over 50 types of raw, fresh superfoods…
Orange, pineapple, banana, spring water, natural brown sugar, apple, papaya, guava, brown rice, white kidney bean, oat, pea, purple french bean, sesame seed, millet, soybean, kiwi, avocado, sweet potato, cantaloupe, rye, lentil, adzuki bean, black bean, corn kernel, starfruit, cashew nut, cassava, radish, cabbage, tomato, chickpea, chicory, seaweed, yeast, carrot, West Indian lemongrass, ginger, sacred lotus root, clove, acerola berry, lemon, mango, pear, watermelon, bell pepper, turnip, burdock, camu camu, button mushroom, sweet corn, rosemary, jobs tear.

Fermented Superfood Based on Kushi’s Macrobiotics To help support colon heath!

Oriyen Japanese Koso Ball from Umeken, Japan, helps support colon health without purging or cramping and helps restore microflora for heath-promoting benefits.

  • Prepared from over 50 types of fruits, vegetables and grains from farms around the pristine Guarani Aquifer, Brazil.
  • Carefully selected ingredients based on Michio Kushi’s theory of Macrobiotics for total health rejuvenation.
  • Balanced nutritionally and energetically. Grown and fermented in silica-rich, energized spring water.
  • Undergoes a proprietary revolutionary 3-stage fermentation process.
  • Naturally rich in live enzymes and fiber to help eliminate toxic wastes.
  • Loaded with different kinds of good bacteria and prebiotics.

Some symptoms of an unhealthy colon may include:
Abdominal discomfort, Allergies, Asthma, Brain fog, Body odor, Bad breath, Constipation, Dark circles under the eyes, Dull complexion, Eczema, Fatigue, Indigestion, Colds, Gas or bloating, Hemorrhoids, Headaches, Lower back discomfort, Poor concentration, and Skin brekouts.

Proprietary, Revolutionary 3-Stage Fermentation Process!

Tested Radiation Free!

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