Olive Essence Concentrate

Olive Essence Concentrate with HIDROX™Patented Wholefood Organic Olive Juice

300 Times The Goodness of Olive Oil Minus the Calories! Minus the Fat!


•THE ONLY natural olive polyphenols formulation produced from the juice of organic olives
•Made from 100% organic olives
•Internationally Patented
Winner of Nutraceutical Business & Technology Award for Outstanding Application in Health Management for Year 2011
Patent Protection:
US 6,165,475; US 6,197,308; US 6,416,808;
US 6,936,287; US 7,261,909; US 7,713,569;
EP 1098573; JP 3820218; AU 746712

Clinically proven for skin, joint and heart health
•Produced using solvent-free and environmental-friendly extraction method
•Obtained GRAS status –has been subjected to to the most comprehensive set of safety tests recommended by the health authorities in the USA

HIDROXTMis loaded with polyphenols, especially hydroxytyrosol, the most powerful antioxidant ever discovered!

Scientific Research Supports HIDROX™!
Excellent to:
Lighten & brighten skin
Treat eczema
Treat psoriasis
Optimize cardiovascular health
Relieve rheumatoid arthritis
Relieve osteoarthritis
Prevent premature aging

Beautiful and Youthful-looking Skin

•Polyphenols in HIDROXTMeffectively reduce melanin by 50% >> significant lightening of skin
>> protection against harmful UV rays
《Cosmetic Science Technology》
•Boosts production of glutathione, a melanin-reducing and skin-lightening antioxidant
《Prince Court Medical Center》

Optimizes Cardiovascular Health
•HIDROX™ helps to lower bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) levels and improve blood circulation
《Tokyo Vascular Disease Institute 》
Helps to Treat Stiff and Painful Joints!
•Improves joint comfort and mobility after taking HIDROX™
•Improves quality of life and easier performance of day-to-day activities《Arizona State University》

Prevents Premature Aging!
•Its hydroxytyrosol activates longevity genes even more effectively than resveratrol*
•Keeps cells younger for longer where the growing, repairing and multiplying abilities are at its peak
*《Cardiovascular Research Center, University of Connecticut School of Medicine》

Nn Olive Essence Concentrate
Recommend to
•Those who want young and fair complexion!
-Protects against harmful UV rays
-Lightens skin
•Those who suffer from serious skin
problems such as
-dermatitis etc

•Those who suffer from joint pain and reduced joint flexibility caused by arthritis
•Those who want to reduce the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases

Q: I have seen many olive leaf extract products containing oleuropein in the market. How is HIDROXTMbetter than oleuropein?
A: Oleuropein is a large precursor of hydroxytyrosol. HIDROXTM contains hydroxytyrosol which is a smaller molecule that is easily absorbed into the blood stream and penetrates the body tissues for better efficacy.

Q: How does it compare with other olive products that contain only hydroxytyrosol (HT)?
A: Studies report that pure HT increases total cholesterol and atherosclerotic lesions in study subjects. It fails to improve inflammation and acts as a pro-oxidant (promote formation of free radicals). Nn Olive Essence Concentrate is a HT-based olive juice extract that contains the full spectrum of naturally-existing polyphenols in olives. It provides a wholesome source of beneficial nutrients compared to pure HT.

Q: How soon can I see improvement to psoriasis conditions?
A: A study reported that patients with psoriasis saw improvements from as soon as 2 months. However, the extent of improvement varies between individuals and depends on the severity of the condition.

Q: If I am taking other medications, can I still take Nn Olive Essence Concentrate?
A: Of course! Nn Olive Essence Concentrate is a wholefood organic olive juice that contains the whole spectrum of natural polyphenols that exist in olives, MINUS the calories and fat! As it is a food, it is safe to be taken with other medications.

Q: How many ml should I take daily?
A: Take 1capsule daily for general well being. For serious skin or joint problems, take 2 capsules daily.
Q: When should I take the product?
A: It can be taken anytime throughout the day, either before or after meal.

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