Yanagida Yeast

Yanagida Yeast Diet Formula One of its kind Weight Loss product from Japan

The one-of-its kind slimming formula that tackles the many causes of weight gain & unsuccessful weight loss!

Yanagida Yeast Diet Formula – The Hidden Key to Successful & Lasting Weight Loss!

•Incredible slimming solution from Japan
•A combination of patented yeast by Dr Yanagida
•No alcohol residues
•High fiber

How does Yanagida Yeast slim you down?

•Powers up your fat-splitting lipases!
•Stabilizes your blood sugar spikes!
•Reduces insulin resistance!
•Corrects the microflora imbalance that causes obesity!

When your body gets hungry, it’s a signal that it needs more energy. It gets this energy by burning excess fat in your fat cells Lipase “splits” this excess fat into smaller components, enabling it to be transported to your body’s furnace to be burned off as energy. This eliminates your hunger & cravings!

Yanagida Yeast Powers up fat-splitting Lipases!

Its lipase-boosting ability helps to “split” the excess fat into smaller components & burn them off as energy.

Yanagida Yeast has been awarded in Japan for fat reduction(Patent #2001-292728)

Stabilizes blood sugar spikes

If your blood sugar goes wild after meals, your weight loss is doomed to fail
2 super nutrients that help control blood sugar level are Chromium & Dietary Fiber

•Essential for blood sugar control
•Helps increase cell insulin sensitivity so more glucose molecules are transported out of the bloodstream into cells
•Results: Insulin resistance is improved. Glucose is then used up by cells for energy. Weight goes down while energy level goes up

Dietary Fiber
Gives you a feeling of fullness & your brain a signal that you’ve eaten enough
Slows down blood sugar spikes
Result: No more cravings & better control of blood sugar level

Yanagida Yeast Stabilizes blood sugar spikes & Improves insulin resistance!

Yanagida Yeast has been awarded in Japan for blood sugar reduction(Patent #2001-299276)

Yanagida Yeast’s fiber & naturally-occurring chromium smooth out blood sugar levels & prevent fluctuations that can lead to overeating, hunger & cravings

Fights bad bacteria that causes weight gain!
Many studies have shown that antibiotics can indeed cause obesity, and one of the major reasons is an imbalance of gut microflora
Antibiotics kill your microflora & make it almost impossible to lose weight!

Can an imbalanced microflora due to antibiotics abuse really cause you to gain weight?

YES! SCIENTIFIC PROOF Microflora Imbalance CAN cause Obesity

Mayo Clinic Proc, 2008
“The gut microbiota affects nutrient acquisition and energy regulation.”

J Parenteral Enteral Nutr, 2011
“Alteration in gut microbiota… likely to play role in the development of a chronic low-grade inflammatory state in the host that contributes to the development of obesity…”

Gastroenterology, 2010
“Gut microbes can impact host metabolism via signaling pathways in the gut, with effects on inflammation, insulin resistance and deposition of energy in fat stores”

Clinical Nutrition & Metabolic Care, 2007
“The literature provides new evidence that the increased prevalence of obesity and type 2 diabetes cannot be attributed solely to changes in the human genome, nutritional habits, or reduction of physical activity in daily lives. One must also consider this important new environmental factor, namely gut microbiota.”

European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, 2008
“The current obesity pandemic may be caused, in part, by antibiotic treatments…”

British Journal of Nutrition, 2010
Study showed that reduced number of good bacteria and increased number of bad bacteria were detected in overweight compared with normal weight pregnant women.

Antibiotics kill bad & good bacteria. So, if you are one of the many who takes or prescribed antibiotics for any sniffles, flu or cough, your microflora may be off balanced.This causes any weight loss effort to be almost impossible, or worse causes you to gain weight!

Yanagida Yeast Corrects microflora imbalance that causes obesity!
Yanagida Yeast contains numerous types of microscopic warriors (“healthy bacteria”) derived from natural ingredients used in traditional Japanese cuisine
•Reboots your body’s weight loss ability
•Get your bowels moving again –removing another barrier to weight loss
•Gives you the best opportunity to shed the pounds once and for all

Yanagida Yeast Diet FormulaNot just any other yeast product!
Different from the common Brewer’s yeast or nutritional yeast!
NOT a brewery by-product, Yanagida Yeast is specifically cultivated to promote healthy weight loss

Patented & proven for fat loss and blood sugar level control

Dr Fujiharu’s Yanagida Yeast
•Developed by & named after Dr Fujiharu Yanagida, an expert in fermentation and an honorary professor at the Tokyo Agricultural University
•Based on 30 years of research on over 55 different kinds of yeast and friendly bacteria

Yanagida Yeast Tested Radiation Free!
Tested by Japan Food Research Laboratories

Yanagida Yeast is highly touted by thousands of Japanese who are thrilled with how it turns their bodies into the “ultimate weight loss machines!”

How much to take ?
•First 2 weeks:Take 2 sachets daily (morning & night), 30 minutes before meal with a glassful of water
•Subsequently:Take 1 sachet daily, 30 minutes before meal with a glassful of water

Time to see result? – Varies between individual, some may notice weight loss in as few as 10 days.

Restore balance in your body, Shed excess weight more Quickly and Easily than ever before, and KEEP the WEIGHT OFF with Yanagida Yeast Diet Formula!

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  1. Just mix with water. It does help me in reducing the appetite, in a way that I don’t snack that much. However in terms of weight, not much result I have seen yet.

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